My Chat With An Atheist

Atheist: I respect life but not religion. I don’t believe in God.

Me: But I believe in The One True God Existance

Atheist: Life that it suppresses with indoctrination, propaganda and outright brutality. And you can’t say the media makes it up because I have personally listened to these people tell me they wish for the “end of times” and Armageddon and complete apocalyptic scenarios destroying all life. Get real.

Me: Then Who created you, mate? An Alien? Then Your God is an alien Lol (Jokingly)

Atheist: Nothing is “god” above anything else. That’s what I’m saying when I state I respect life and not religion because religion teaches divine entitlement.

Me: Thats a total stupidity and ignorance i have to say. Open your mind dude. Nothing is created just by chance. Your writings here is the prove that there is an existance which is you. I don’t see you but i believe that you are exist because of the writings.

Atheist: why you think you know who created you? because someone told you? come on get real… are calling us stupid because we dont like your fairy tails?

Me: Even if there’s a chance it was written by machine then it is the exact prove that Everything has A Creator. The chance of the existance without a creator is just merely zero. That’s why moslem believe that Allah is The Creator of Anything, He Is Completely Uncomprehended Being and Cannot be Adressed with Creations Attributes

If you want to take this life for granted and think that this life is all for nothing and without any judgement That’s your choice. But because Allah gave me Brain to Think and heart to Feel i opted diferently than you.  I respect people and real moslem respect people. So why don’t we respect each other mate. I respect that ur not believing the existance of Who created you and universe. It’s all there by chance, rite? it’s okay.

“no human being is perfect, so the perfect Being is not the “I” of whose existence I am certain”.

Atheist: Okay, but you don’t have to have any use for religion at all to refrain from hating a child.

Me: Nope, but because all these propaganda againts moslem and also wrong interpretations of islam have made non-moslems doing that.

Peace out bro. Islam is not A terror.

To Be Continued…

*This was when we’re talking in a group about ‘Not hating a child or someone just because he is a moslem.*


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