My Chat With An Atheist (Part 2)

  • Atheist: I would really prefer an alien god who doesn’t treat women like crap. I’m atheist, respect me too, I don’t feel offended when you pray to your God. Don’t feel offended when I don’t follow it.

    Me: See; that’s why i said ur brainwashed by wrong historical point of view and wrong interpretations of Islam. Therefore u said islam treats woman wrong.

    Do you know how Romans, Persians, Greeks, Indians treated woman before islam came? They treated them like garbage. Being sold and massacred. At least U have to think differntly when u talk about Islam And Misinterpriting Moslem (a Moslem just by identity). To learn about Islam will take years. I wouldn’t mind if you tell me that islam doesnt teach people to respect woman. But u better get ur self a  fact, it’s not Islam that’s wrong, it’s the wrong persons with misinterpretations of Islam.

    I personally respect woman as a moslem. And in Islam there are rules and moral codes when you live with non-moslems. Thats why the second calliph Omar bin Khattab didnt massacre the people in IRAQ, SYIRIA, an EGYPT. And give them their land even if they stayed non-moslem. And the tax/jizyah being collected by moslem is according to people economical status. It’s not more than 1000 Usd per year per person (exclude woman and children) regarding everything he has, but moslem we are collected every 2,5% of our incomes, every incomes.

    Woman is treated so well in ISLAMIC TEACHINGS (not another wrong interpretations of Islam by some people who self-claimed themselves that they are the only ‘true’  moslem). For example, man is COMPLETELY responsible for his wife, mother, and children. A moslem woman originally is not obliged by anything except teaching her child and guide them, and keep her self trusted and clean from any act of cheatings.

    When someone killed you then if ur family forgive him then he has to pay a very huge amount. But if not then  he has to be killed. Its a fair rule. And so much i can tell you of the other things.

    Abuse woman? prostitutions, pornography, etc are the real abuse of woman. Won’t u agree? And  in islam it is strictly  prohibitted for the sake of community, legal and responsiible relationship between human.

    So please real moslem love people. Will you tell American and Israeli Government not to massacre people in the name of justice? Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan? It’s millions of people not just 1 or 2 thousands! You really use ur eyes good, rite? So let’s use it.

    Peace and respect. That’s Islam.

    Atheist: Creation makes no sense, for matter can’t be neither created nor destroyed. That simple sentence can bring down every theist religion and it’s based on Science, facts, reality. Destroy s simple atom and perhaps you convince me to respect your god, which at this point, it’s unexistent.

    Me: you wanna talk about fact,science? Okay, then why u dont answer me who created your brain? If u really learn science then there are facts that u shud understand; Science is limited, untill now people have been searching for Etiologhy of alot of viruses but it’s all just futile. I mean deep in your conciusness even if ur a scientist you will realize that not everything in this world can be understood spesifically.

    Im talking to u as fellow human. Lets use our brain but dont neglect our heart and throw it into garbage. But Instead let’s use our Brain and Heart, not just Eyes. lol.

    Btw what did u mean about ‘God who doesnt treat woman wrong?” Alien? lol

    See? ur really blaming ur Creator even if you don’t believe in His Existance. I dont mind it’s just weird when you blame something that u say u dont believe.

    So i wanna ask, is it right for me to think that you’re unexist even the VERY FACT that you’re replying my comments now? lol.

    Allah is not like us, Lass, us are weak and limited, but we cannot judge HIM becoz he doesnt give us anything we want everytime. But then again i don’t have to see you just now to believe that you’re Exist. 🙂

    The One True God is Exist. Because i deduce, i feel, i see so much signs of Him. He is Uncomprehended and Unlimited Being. So Perfect that we cannot blame Him for everytime He Doesnt grant our wishes right away, instead we have to be patient in the trials and try to find the way.  Your eyes, your hair, your skin there’s a Creator of those. And this Creator is not Us or something LIKE US. He is The Perfect and Totally Different Being of any Creations including time and space. He has no ears, lambs, mouth or any creations attributes. That just makes Him not a God, but just like the fairy tale Gods. But He Is, Allah is The One True God.

    But He Indeed Is  The One True God. Allah.

    To Be Continued…


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